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The DrumMantra Podcast

Go Deeper With Your Practice

“The DrumMantra is a form of musical “meditation” that is rooted in repetitive, cyclical, polymetric coordination patterns based on the art & science of polymetric relationships. It is intended to ground our awareness and perception of time, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, and balance through a vast series of polymetric patterns and exercises. It is a companion guide to developing a deeper understanding of time. Because the DrumMantra transcends any music style or genre, it will allow whatever music we are playing to be more fluid, solid, and creative.”

- from The Foundational Series Book by Rich Stitzel

Nov 19, 2019

Swiss drummer Lukas Landis is a great player, an educator, and a really cool guy.
He was a test pilot for the DrumMantra3030 course and helped shaped it before it was released to the public.
The other day Lukas posted a modification for Rhythmic Melodies in the Foundational Series so I decided to make it a new audio download for the book and do a podcast interview with him.