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The DrumMantra Podcast

Go Deeper With Your Practice

“The DrumMantra is a form of musical “meditation” that is rooted in repetitive, cyclical, polymetric coordination patterns based on the art & science of polymetric relationships. It is intended to ground our awareness and perception of time, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, and balance through a vast series of polymetric patterns and exercises. It is a companion guide to developing a deeper understanding of time. Because the DrumMantra transcends any music style or genre, it will allow whatever music we are playing to be more fluid, solid, and creative.”

- from The Foundational Series Book by Rich Stitzel

Dec 10, 2019

All of us do it. We wait for the inspiration to hit before we make a move. This of course only works some of the time. What do we do when we aren't inspired? Usually, we make excuses or claim it's "meant to be" that practice doesn't happen today". 

Building a habit requires concentration, discipline, and patience. These are developed through perseverance.